Thursday, October 14, 2004

Janes Intelligence Website

From "About Jane's"

Jane’s Information Group is a world leading provider of intelligence and analysis on national and international defence, security and risk developments. Jane’s is an independent organisation with an unrivalled reputation of accuracy, authority and impartiality. Jane’s delivers partners and clients a strategic advantage from intelligence acquired by an unique worldwide network of independent analysts. Governments, militaries, business leaders and academics in over 180 countries rely on Jane’s providing timely and insightful information on threat and security issues. . Jane’s offers a full range of off-the-shelf information solutions as well as specific tailor-made consultancy services in these areas:

-Country by country internal and external security and threat assessments
-Defence news and analysis
-First responder toolkits to homeland threats
-Orders and formations of worldwide armies, navies and air forces
-Military systems and equipment
-Airport news, equipment and services information
-Worldwide geopolitical intelligence and news analysis
-Terrorism intelligence, news and assessment services
-Risk assessments for businesses and industry looking at markets and nations
-Worldwide national rail and urban transportation systems
-Police and law enforcement news and equipment information


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